Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections

By on Mar 12, 2018 |

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Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections
Genesis 9: 8-17

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the sight of a rainbow in the sky. The beautiful colors with the sky as a backdrop are an awesome sight to see.

As I matured, the rainbow continued to have visual appeal. However, today, with a more biblical understanding of its significance, the sight of the rainbow leaves my heart in awe.

We see them so often and they are visual evidence given to solidify our faith in the Lord. They are reminders of the plan of our heavenly Father.

When we see a rainbow, we should remember the flood of Noah, reflect on the reality of God’s existence and the relevance of his word. This should urge us on to a more commited walk with him.

Our devotional passage this week places before us evidence of God’s existence and his expectations—which demand a response from us.

God is reminding us that he is and will forever be in charge of his creation. No matter how men may exclude God from their daily lives, he exists. And no matter how they may assume to disregard his commands, he judges.

Let us not treat this gracious reminder of God’s mercy and coming judgment as an inconsequential natural occurence. The rainbow is a reminder that God will not judge the whole earth with a flood again. Nonetheless, he is still holding us accountable and he will judge the whole earth again.

Question: What do you see when you view a rainbow?

Lord, thank you for the earthly reminder of your existence and expectation. Help us live daily with you in view, Amen.