Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections—Day 2

By on Mar 13, 2018 |

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Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections—Day 2
Genesis 9: 8-17

Our devotional passage this week is the beginning of God re-establishing the world after the flood. Despite man’s sin, God has chosen to be gracious and patient toward mankind. God extended a great deal of grace to humanity and today all of us live under this remarkable grace.

Though sin appears to escape the wrath of God and seems to compound the earth, let us take notice. God’s covenant with Noah was to not destroy the earth again with a flood; however, he did not say he would not deal with our sins.

Our passage reads, “Now behold, I Myself do establish My covenant with you, and with your descendants after you.” Two important words in this passage are established and covenant.

 The Hebrew word for establish is qûwm, koom; the word means to make stand, to erect. This verb may indicate that God is instituting a new relationship. How refreshing it is to know, after we have sinned, God still desires to deliver us from our depravity and establish a relationship with us.

The Hebrew word covenant, berîyth, ber-eeth; which means a contractual arrangement between human beings, which requires binding action from one or both parties. The beautiful thing about this contractual agreement between God and man is he initiated it, he sustains it, and he completes the covenant.

Bless his name! The Lord knew we did not have a chance apart from his intervening and making it possible.

As we meditate on this passage, my heart overflows with gratefulness for God’s patience with us.

Whenever I see the rainbow, I am reminded of God’s goodness and his patience. He destroyed the earth’s population, with the exception of eight indiviuals, once before. Not only has he given all men time to turn from sin; but he has also been gracious. He has  given us his word, offered his Son, and filled with his Spirit, those who believe, that we might have eternal life.

Question: What are you doing with this extended time that has been given to you?


Lord, your patience and grace are remarkable, help us to produce well with the time we have, Amen.