Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections—Day 3

By on Mar 14, 2018 |

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Earthly Evidence with Eternal Connections—Day 3
Genesis 9: 8-17

As we begin today’s devotional, let us do so meditating on this thought: God establishes boundaries for everyone.

When my oldest son was much younger whenever he did something he knew was wrong he would respond by immediately closing his eyes as if he could disappear from my view.

He believed if he could not see me then I could not see him. This was his way of avoiding the scolding he knew was coming for his disobedience.

God established a covenant with both Noah and the animals. The covenant God established was that he would not devastate the earth with a flood again.

Let me advise, although God will not destroy the earth with a flood again, he will deal with us. It is in our best interest not to take God lightly.

Think about this for a moment, animals are not capable of accepting a covenant. That the covenant is extended to animals is proof that the validity of the covenant is not predicated on the recipient’s ability to accept it.

Conversely, too often people are deceived into thinking that their ignorance or unwillingness to accept God’s word renders them free and clear of his authority over their lives.

God established boundaries and it is his desire that we live purposefully knowing that we are accountable to him.

Even if we are not the ones who iniated this relationship with God, all of creation must answer to him if you want to or not.

Question: Do you live daily fully aware that you must answer to God?


Lord, help us to live each day knowing that we must give account for our lives, Amen.