He Wanted To Change

By on Apr 9, 2018 |

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He Wanted To Change
Luke 19: 1-10

I have had the honor of meeting some well-known people, but no one compares to my meeting Christ.

Ofttimes talented, respected, and known people have a way of making an impression on us, however, as believers, an encounter with Christ should have a greater impact on our lives.

The devotional passage we will be meditating on this week is a well-known account of Zacchaeus, the tax collector. Zacchaeus was an outcast who overcome obstacles blocking his view of Christ. He received the honor of Christ inviting Himself to dine in his home which climaxed with Zacchaeus’ reception of the ultimate gift of the gospel, eternal life.

Zacchaeus had cheated others and was deceitful in his tactics to get money. He was a man with Hebrew roots. However, he had all but forgotten who he was because of his love for and preoccupation with acquiring wealth.

Before we are too hard on Zacchaeus, does his failure seem at all familiar to our experience? Have you ever forgotten who you were in your quest to pursue what was important to you?

Let us honestly examine ourselves to see what has our attention more than Christ. It is often easy to shift our focus from what matters most to what matters some. What are you doing to guard yourself against losing your way?

Although Zacchaeus had lost his way, he was still motivated to see Christ. I heard a minister say today, “To have an encounter with Christ changes our mind.”

Zacchaeus saw Christ—there is something about being in the presence of Christ that enabled Zacchaeus to see himself and when Zacchaeus saw himself he wanted to change.

Often we want to change, but do we want to change more than we want to keep what we have in hand? That is a real issue with many who claim to have experienced an encounter with Christ.

There is the excitement of talking about being in the presence of the Lord, but what is the evidence of Christ dining in our homes? Truly being with Christ changes what we want.


Lord, as we spend time meditating on Your Word this week; help us to live a transformed life because of our time with you, Amen.