Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not?—Day 2

By on Mar 6, 2018 |

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Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not?—Day 2
Exodus 17: 1-7

“Then all the congregation of the sons of Israel journeyed by stages from the wilderness of Sin, according to the command of the Lord, and camped at Rehidim, and there was no water for the people to drink.”

 Among_Us_postLet us begin today’s devotional meditating on this thought: We are in a place with limited resources; yet, the Lord is the One who brought us here.

I have learned that we are not often capable of judging accurately if we only follow God based on how things appear to be going or what we have.

If our basis for discovering whether or not God is with us is determined by how things appear to be going, we are certain to be off-target far more than we think.

Nevertheless, countless numbers of us have found ourselves in a place we did not plan and moving at a pace we did not prefer only to learn it was God’s precise provision and the place and pace were perfectly timed.

In our devotional text, the children of Israel have journeyed to the wilderness of Sin, they are in this particular location because God led them there. Moreover, he brought the thirsty people to a location where there was no drinkable water.

Why would God bring us to a place with limited resources? Are we more concerned with discovering the Lord’s will or satisfying our thirst?

Question: What happens when we put thirsting people in a place with no water to drink?

So, here it is that after wrestling Israel from Pharaoh’s hands of enslavement, the Lord now wrestles Israel from their own hand of doubt.

How often have we been in need and the very thing we are longing for is not available? How do we behave?

For some of us, our desires and the lack of resources to satisfy our desires is a familiar theme in our lives. Still, every time God comes through for us. If the Lord has repeatedly come through for us, why do we personally tolerate from ourselves such complaining and doubt in God’s ability?

Others ought not to have to always remind us to behave ourselves. It should be automatic because we know the Lord is with us. So, let us stop behaving as if He is not.

Question: Are you convinced that the Lord is with you?

When we are convinced the Lord is present with us, it impacts how we see life and those unplanned places we occasionally have to set up camp.

Question: Are you in an unplanned place right now? How are you handling it?


Lord, as we travel with You we choose to behave ourselves and trust You in those places that lack drinkable water, Amen.