Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not—Day 4

By on Mar 8, 2018 |

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Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not—Day 4
Exodus 17: 1-7


While living in Denver, I was often fascinated to see new housing developments in barren places. Although they started out as dirt heaps and empty spaces, I watched the new communities come to fruition.

By the time the development reached its final stage, it was beautiful. What was once a blemish or barrenness had beautiful homes with green grass and streets lined with trees.

Being in a dry climate, many of those new developments were supported by irrigation systems that channeled water into the communities.

Because of the dryness, no matter where a new community was developed, it had to be close enough to a water supply for the sprinklers to keep everything green.

As I meditated on this passage, I thought of how fortunate we are to have a God, who is His own water supply. Not only does He supply His own water, but God has taken care of whatever is needed for a successful journey.

Wherever He is, everything needed is present in Him.

In our devotional passage, we see that we do not always have the luxury of being close to what we need to sustain us. However, it is possible to be close to whom we need to sustain us.

Perhaps this is the cause for our lack of accomplishment in some areas of our lives. We work hard to stay close to what we believe is necessary to sustain us, easily forgetting Who it is that keeps us.

If we are lead to a place that does not have all we need to survive, remember it is not what we have that makes the difference, but whom we have that determines our outcome.

Israel camped in a place that had no drinkable water. However, they had God, and He was more than enough.

Question: If everything we need is present in God, then why do we struggle to rest wherever He leads us?


Lord, because of You we can have green grass, mature trees and plenty of water no matter where You take us, and we want to say thank you, Amen.