Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not—Day 5

By on Mar 9, 2018 |

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Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not—Day 5
Exodus 17: 1-7


As we conclude this week’s devotional, we cannot help but notice how God answered Israel’s request using a very unlikely source—a rock.

It is awesome to see how God does not need what man believes is necessary to accomplish what is necessary to sustain us.

Think about this for a moment. God caused water to flow from a rock, tsûwr, tsoor; which means a compact solid mass. In other words, the rock brought forth what did not initially exist.

It is like getting electricity from a tree in the middle of the wilderness, or receiving a delicious meal from sand on a deserted island.

What comfort, what hope of knowing whenever the Lord is among us, He is all we need.

However, the challenge for most of us is to never forget Who is with us and what He has done to bring us to the present. God does not lead us out on a journey only to tell us later, “You’re on your own; go figure it out.”

Israel has witnessed God’s awesome power on numerous occasions since being liberated from Egypt. Our devotional passage suggests that Israel will not be satisfied with the knowledge of what God has done or what God can do, Israel refused to be satisfied until they saw hard evidence of God saving them again.

Why do we need to see God saving us again before we will rest? It is ironic; Israel is camping in Rephidim which means resting place. Nevertheless, Israel refuses to rest because she has to see God prove once again His sovereignty before she can rest. What arrogance!

In spite of His record, God had to prove Himself again.

Israel is expecting God to not only prove Himself, but move right now, and anything less than an immediate act of God is unacceptable.

As believers, we are not to live demanding God to prove that He is in our midst. Being a justified people, “The just shall live by faith.” God has already proven Himself worthy of our trust. We are the ones with something to prove. We must “prove what is that good, and perfect and acceptable will of God” as we obediently follow Him knowing that He is with us.

So, as we go into this weekend, let us go being introspective with ourselves and ask, “Am I expecting God to prove Himself to me before I trust Him?

Until next week, God bless you.


Lord, thank you for being a God who is present and capable of sustaining us. Today we choose trust to you, Amen.