Let’s Take a Family Photo—Day 4

By on May 24, 2018 |

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Let’s Take a Family Photo—Day 4

Ephesians 5: 1, 2

let's-take-a-family-portraitI once read something that said, “God is brought closer to us through his son Jesus Christ so that we might know what he looks like and trace his steps.”

Jesus helps us see that to look like God is to love others in an unselfish way. The writer wants readers to know how we mimic God: We love others.

This love goes beyond mere verbal expression to loving others as they relate to God. Think about that: loving others as they relate to God thrusts us to go beyond the popular concept of love. It requires our loving others with the same measure of love we have received as children loved by our father.

When we think about God’s love for us, how it saved us, was/is patient with us… Are we willing to share with others that type of love, or do we see that kind of love reserved only for God bestowing upon his children?

The text says, “Walk in love” in other words this becomes a way of life for us. We love unselfishly.
The thought here for loving others is, to willingly forfeit our rights or privileges on behalf of another person(s). This thought contradicts our natural tendency of looking out for self only.

Now, I know many of you are probably asking, ‘How much love is enough?’ Before Calvary, man could not know how much God loves us. However, Jesus has shown us that love is willing to give up its own life. Does God expect us to demonstrate our love this way? If necessary, yes.

In the writing it is not the sacrificial work that emphasis is placed on but the example of devoted love for others. God is devoted, Christ is devoted, and we as members of the family follow the family tradition and devote our lives to loving others. Can you see the picture? Are we beginning to look like brothers and sisters?

Think about this: As we devote our life to loving others, those of us within the body of Christ can’t help but to start resemble not only God, but we began to look more like a family who share the same father.

Question: When you think about Calvary, how much love is enough to share with others?

Mother Teresa was once asked, “How do you know if you are successful?” her reply was, “I am not called to be successful, but I am called to be merciful.” As we go through life let us remember we are called to love. How much is too much? If we seek to genuinely love others and desire to look like our father we will know how far to go.

Lord, give us a desire to love others in a way that expresses your glory to all those we come in contact with, Amen.