Make a Difference

By on Aug 20, 2018 |

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Make a Difference
Matthew 5: 13-16

“You are the salt of the earth; You are the light of the world.”

My wife is a great cook and I would often ask her to cook grits for breakfast whenever we had a big breakfast. One particular day she could not cook grits and she attempted to encourage me to cook them myself. I told her, “I tried once and it didn’t taste anything like yours.” She decided to come and teach me how to cook grits. As we stood there over the stove, I watched as she boiled the water then added salt. It was then I began to say, “Oh, I never add salt to the grits I cook.”  She replied, “The salt is what makes the difference.”

That day I learned the difference between a delicious bowl of grits and a bland bowl of grits was a pinch of salt.

Today, as we begin this week’s devotional meditating on this popular passage, know this: The day we confessed Christ as our Lord and Savior, that was the day we were expected to live our life making a difference.

Not only are we to be different as a believer (salt), but we are also expected to be seen to be different (light). We are no longer the same and we are expected to impact life right where we are.

It does not matter if we find ourselves in a desirable place or an undesirable place, we are difference makers. It does not matter if we are having a good day or a bad day, we are difference makers. There is no place we might find ourselves here on earth and not be expected to make a difference.

As we meditate on today’s message, that’s quite a bit to consume. What a challenge, to know that we are never in a position to compromise what is expected of us. We are always salt; we are always a light that cannot be hidden.

Let us thank God, although he demands so much from us as believers, it is good to know that he provides the grace for us always to be what is expected of us–salt and light, difference makers.

Question: Are we making a difference where the Lord has planted us?


Lord, as we begin another week meditating on your Word, help our inner man to line up with what you expect from us, Amen.