We Have All We Need—Day 3

By on Apr 4, 2018 |

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We Have All We Need—Day 3
Judges 6: 14-15

“O Lord, how shall I deliver Israel?  Behold, my family is the least in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.”


Self-awareness is a good attribute for us to have. It is the capacity for one to be introspective and recognize one’s personality or individuality.

Our devotional today begins with Gideon being well aware of who he is. “He was the weakest man, from the lowest family, of the smallest clan in the least significant tribe.”[1]

Remember, being used by God does not mean we must be unaware of who we are and our shortcomings. Gideon’s concern with the Lord’s plan was Gideon’s knowledge that he did not come from the right tribe. So, how could it be possible that he would be a deliverer?

Although Gideon now begins to speak of the possibility of deliverance, he has two concerns: First, he is from a family that is the least in Manasseh; and second, he is the youngest of his father’s house.

The Hebrew word for least is dal, dal, which means low or inferior in station or quality.  The word also speaks of something that is insignificant; poor, or helpless.

God intends to use a man who is powerless and in no position to influence anyone. Does that sound familiar? If God has a history of using the powerless and less influential to accomplish great achievements, why has that changed today?

The author of our devotional passage expands on the insignificance of Gideon by mentioning, he is the youngest of his siblings.

The Hebrew word for youngest, tsâʿôwr, tsaw-ore, means, the smaller one, little with the idea of the significance.

Question: Why does God use the powerless or insignificant?

As we meditate on this passage let us be introspective and peek at the truth in our hearts. Are we living beneath our abilities because we give too much attention to our social status?

Isn’t it good to know God is not limited or bound by our societal standing? As a matter of fact, the Lord defies status. He uses us as he chooses.

Think about this for a moment. We are not chosen because we are the crème de la crème or the top of our class. We need not have, as the world requires, the right pedigree.

We are chosen because we are part of God’s plan.


Lord, thank you for being a God whose plan is larger than our societal status. Please use us as you see fit, Amen.


[1] Robinson, S. J. (2006). Opening up Judges (p. 36). Leominster: Day One Publications.