We Have All We Need—Day 5

By on Apr 6, 2018 |

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We Have All We Need—Day 5
Judges 6: 14-16

“And you shall defeat Midian as one man.”

 weEVERYTHINGneed_postAs a teenager, I heard a story that helps to shape how I look at life.

The story is there was a child who was getting frustrated while putting a complicated two-sided puzzle together.  The grandfather noticed the child growing irritated, asked, “What are you putting together?”  The boy replied, “It is a puzzle of the whole world.” Knowing it was a two-sided puzzle the old man asked, “What is on the other side of the puzzle?”  “It is a picture of Jesus.”  The boy said, the grandfather then asked, “Why don’t you put the side of Jesus together first, then it will not be hard to put the world together.”

When we have to deal with a lot, life can be difficult; especially when we focus on how much there is to do, or how much we must encounter.  However, Jesus makes the difference.

Our devotional passage this week has focused on Gideon being faced with a seemingly difficult task.

How does he defeat the Midianites, who were larger in number, and mighty warriors?

As long as Gideon viewed his task, excluding God from the equation, he would see no chance of being successful. He did not know he had all he needed to carry out his assignment.

Most time when given a challenging assignment we make assumptions regarding how the task might be accomplished.  That is the danger of comparing our abilities alone to the size of the task.  We assume to know what it will take to get the job done.

Our devotional passage says, “And you shall defeat Midian as one man.” In other words, Gideon’s fight with the Midianites will not be as if he is fighting the entire army, but the battle will be like fighting one man.

Think about that for a moment. The fight for Gideon will not be what he thought. Gideon will conqueror the Midianites with one blow, and it will be like fighting one man.

I do not know about you, but I am encouraged if the Lord’s presence will make fighting over 135,000 Midianite soldiers seem as if I am only fighting one. This removes all doubt, fear, and apprehension.

Wow! Seeing our assignments with God in view makes everything possible.  So, the next time the Lord gives us a challenging task, let us see it from His perspective.  Knowing this, with Him we have all we need.

Until next week, God bless you all.


Lord, thank you for making all things possible, help us to live out Your reality in our lives, Amen.