Why daily devotionals with an expositional approach?
God’s word is unlike any other’s; his word is alive, effective, and able to satisfy man’s greatest longings. His word can diagnose the condition of our hearts while also providing the solution to cure our ailments. Spending time with God and allowing his word to work on our hearts is the surest way to experience transformation.
Scripture encourages us to “meditate on God’s word day and night.” If we meditate we are sure to be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, refreshed, revived, and renewed.

How will this process go?
For one week, we will look at the same scripture then spend that week learning more about that scripture. As we meditate on it allow that text to challenge our hearts, convictions, and faith.
We will spend time with God being meditative and reflective as well as honest with ourselves regarding how this particular passage relates to us.
Meditate: take time to give deep thought and concentration to the passage.

What are we looking to gain?
1. For us to have a deep appreciation for spending time with God.
2. For us to have a better understanding of the Word of God.
3. For us to allow God’s Word to challenge our hearts and convictions.
4. For each of us to be brought into a better relationship with Christ.

Am I who I am supposed to be in Christ or have I learned how to live as a “Christian” apart from being in step with the precepts, and teachings of God’s Word?

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