All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 4

By on Nov 7, 2019 |

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’-Day 4
James 1: 2-4

AllGrownUpGrowing up many of us have probably heard or read the famous story about, “The Three Little Pigs.” Three pigs had to build their own houses. One pig built a house of straw, the second pig built a house of sticks while the third pig built a house of bricks.

A big bad wolf came and all the pigs ran to their own homes. The wolf blew on the house of straw and it fell. The wolf blew on the second house of sticks and it fell. Then the wolf blew on the third house of bricks and it continued to stand.

As we meditate on this passage here in James, we must ask ourselves what type of spiritual house we have built. Can it withstand attacks?

By James writing, “Let endurance have its perfect results.” The writing implies a completeness of character. Having teenagers I often remind them how important it is that they grow up, be complete, healthy and able to take care of themselves and their families. A goal for our family is growing up and being able to stand no matter what life brings our way.

What is the goal for our lives as Christians? There has to be more to this life than going to church or working with a ministry. Do we genuinely desire to grow up? Do we sincerely want to be complete as a Christian? Do we honestly intend to stop yielding to the same attacks?

Endurance in the passage is more than patience, while it does contain the idea of passive staying power, it also gives the picture of being fortifiedpreemptively strengthened, and tactically protected against attacks—which is the perfect result of this endurance. One thing is for certain, we can not stop attacks from coming our way, but when we are fortified it helps us to be faithful to God and his plan for our lives in the midst of hostility.

Trials are necessary. Trials refine and shape not only our life, but our understanding of God and his providential purposes. However, if we continue to falter and never permit our faith to be tested we restrict our growth.

Remember: Testing typically reveals what a person already knows; nevertheless, this testing spoken of in James produces what is not yet present in us—Endurance.

Endurance is essential for our development as Christians. To refuse to consent to our endurance being perfected is to choose to reject abundant life and victory.

Question: Who builds on something that will not last?

Lord, help us to be perfect in our endurance and able to handle whatever life brings our way, Amen.