All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 5

By on Nov 8, 2019 |

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’—Day 5
James 1: 2-4
As we come to the conclusion of this week’s devotional, James reminds us that our faith in God doesn’t make us immune to a life riddled with suffering. Afflictions are part of life as a Christian although God has not left us without the possibility of pure joy in the midst of our troubles.

James reminds us that suffering does not have a beneficial impact on our lives if we restrict endurance from having its perfect result. When we yield to it, it will leave us All Grown Up…Lacking Nothing. Endurance, however, is not the final outcome but when it becomes a way of life for us it assists us in attaining maturity.

It is the Lord’s desire to see his children grow up. As a matter of fact, he expects us to grow up and govern ourselves as mature believers no matter what life brings our way. This is why James writes, “And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Perfect, to be mature. Complete, to be whole. Lacking in nothing, not inferior or falling short.

When patience governs our lives as believers, we live as mature Christians who are stable and we never experience any trial where we lack the inner fortitude to overcome our circumstances. That’s being a grown up.

We need to remember it is possible to live in a state of spiritual maturity without excuses. We don’t handle trouble well, not because it’s impossible, we choose to give up. All of us have what it takes to endure in order to mature.

Question: How much energy, time, and focus do we spend dealing with our troubles?

Something is always wrong, something is always going on, or about to happen. As believers, we need not live trying to escape many trials that are part of life because the Lord uses them to help us grow up.

Remember: We cannot escape trials on this side of heaven, but it is possible to live on this side of heaven without trials getting the best of us.

Question: Are you made of the right stuff? You’re supposed to be.

Lord, help us to appreciate the ultimate purpose of our trials to assist us in becoming spiritually mature, Amen.