All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’

By on Nov 4, 2019 |

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’
James 1: 2-4

In the opening of this text James challenges the wisdom of the world. How can affliction be counted as joy?
One thing for certain is that everyone experiences afflictions. Despite where we live, our economic status, educational level or ethnic background, pain and suffering knows no boundaries and is excluded from no zip code.

Many biblical writers often encouraged the saints to endure affliction because how they managed their afflictions spoke of the genuineness of their faith.

Question: Can you prove the genuineness of your faith?

The world looks at suffering and sees no value. As believers, we have a different value system than those who are not of the household of faith. We have learned that with God there is value in all things whether it be loss, pain, setback, disappointment or afflictions. It is God who allows us to endure pain in anticipation of something worth rejoicing about.

A joy not because of affliction, but a joy that comes from knowing God is going to accomplish something through our situations.

What a joy it is to know that no matter what we are going through, we have what we need to endure and come out on top. It is good to know that our suffering and pain does not take over our life nor do situations have the same impact on us as those who are non-believers.

I would like for us to ask ourselves, what is our reality when facing afflictions? Do we allow our afflictions to dictate how we behave? Or, do we see what God is doing in the midst of the affliction? Even if we don’t see what God is doing, is there hope and joy because deep down inside we are convinced, no matter what we are going through everything will be alright?

Think about this: It is possible to have pure joy when facing afflictions.

Imagine what life would be like to not be easily shaken, shattered or shifted from our place of security when afflictions come.

Lord, thank you for being our joy, help us to live with you as our reality in all of our dealings, Amen.