All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 5

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’—Day 5 James 1: 2-4 As we come to the conclusion of this week’s devotional, James reminds us that our faith in God doesn’t make us immune to a life riddled with suffering. Afflictions are part of life as a Christian although God has not left us without the possibility of pure joy in the midst of our troubles. James reminds us that suffering does not have a beneficial impact on our lives if we restrict endurance from having its perfect result. When we yield to it, it will leave us All Grown Up…Lacking Nothing. Endurance, however, is not the final outcome but when it becomes a way of life for us it assists us in attaining maturity. It is the Lord’s desire to see his children grow up. As a matter of fact, he expects us to grow up and govern ourselves as mature believers no matter what life brings our way. This is why James writes, “And let endurance...

All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 4

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’-Day 4 James 1: 2-4 Growing up many of us have probably heard or read the famous story about, “The Three Little Pigs.” Three pigs had to build their own houses. One pig built a house of straw, the second pig built a house of sticks while the third pig built a house of bricks. A big bad wolf came and all the pigs ran to their own homes. The wolf blew on the house of straw and it fell. The wolf blew on the second house of sticks and it fell. Then the wolf blew on the third house of bricks and it continued to stand. As we meditate on this passage here in James, we must ask ourselves what type of spiritual house we have built. Can it withstand attacks? By James writing, “Let endurance have its perfect results.” The writing implies a completeness of character. Having teenagers I often remind them how important it is that they grow up, be complete,...

All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 3

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All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 3 James 1: 2-4 My youngest son doesn’t like to take medicine, and if getting better means he has to take medicine, he is okay with staying sick. I remind him it’s necessary if he wants to get better. There are times when he asks if there are other ways to get the same results and I say, “Son, this is what you have to do to get well.” Many of us desire to be healthier in our faith and some even wished it were possible to live with a conviction of faith that mirrors our biblical heroes. In order for that to happen we must be willing to let our faith go through the process of being tested to get better. The Greek word for tested is, dŏkimiŏn, dok-im´-ee-on, genuine, the idea is not being fake or counterfeit. The writer is conveying the thought that our Christian journey consists of more than what we say we believe as Christians to include a journey...

All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 2

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All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’—Day 2 James 1: 2-4 As a boy preacher, the seemingly paradoxical statement “Count it all joy” has always intrigued me. How does one rejoice when experiencing affliction? Why would anyone want to do that? What kind of sense does that make? “Count it all joy.” The Greek word for Count is, hēgĕŏmai, hayg-eh´-om-ahee. The thought is to engage in an intellectual process. As I meditate on this thought, I can’t help but wonder how often we respond to our trials without utilizing the mental process of objective thought. In other words, do we not give any thought to what is going on during our trials? Do we see it as a random occurrence? Or, do we see that we have been somewhere like this before, and the last time we went through a similar situation God was doing something for his glory and for our good? Or, do we react and behave as if...

All Grown Up …Lacking Nuthin’

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All Grown Up…Lacking Nuthin’ James 1: 2-4 In the opening of this text James challenges the wisdom of the world. How can affliction be counted as joy? One thing for certain is that everyone experiences afflictions. Despite where we live, our economic status, educational level or ethnic background, pain and suffering knows no boundaries and is excluded from no zip code. Many biblical writers often encouraged the saints to endure affliction because how they managed their afflictions spoke of the genuineness of their faith. Question: Can you prove the genuineness of your faith? The world looks at suffering and sees no value. As believers, we have a different value system than those who are not of the household of faith. We have learned that with God there is value in all things whether it be loss, pain, setback, disappointment or afflictions. It is God who allows us to endure pain in...

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Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.