Formed by Fellowship—Day 5

By on Aug 16, 2019 |

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Formed by Fellowship—Day 5
Proverbs 13: 20

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

FormedbyFellowship_post As we conclude this week’s devotional series, let us give attention to the hidden question that is nestled between this familiar passage.

What do we do when we are transitioning between walking with foolish people to walking with wise men? Moreover, what should we do when wise companionship is scarce? That in and of itself is a disturbing thought, however, a thought that is becoming more noticeable today.

We must learn to be okay temporarily walking alone.

Perhaps, that is a dilemma for some of us and the following reason why we settle for walking with others despite their foolishness, the fear of being alone.

Question: Are we okay being by ourselves?

Because we are formed by our fellowships, there is a great deal at stake. Therefore, we must not be negligent or hasty when cultivating relationships.

There are times we must be content being alone while in pursuit of proper like-minded fellowship.

Taking our time to find healthy companionship is necessary so that we will avoid suffering harm. In the passage, “will suffer harm,” in Hebrew is, râʿaʿ, raw-ah, the term speaks of the emotional pain one experiences because of companionship.

Just think, how often have fellowships caused us emotional pain—pain we are still dealing with years later.

I understand, we are social creatures and that drives us towards companionship. However, let us not allow our desire for company create long-term problems for us.

Remember, we are formed by our fellowships and if we sometimes must walk alone before we meet the right people, it is worth it.

Until next week, God bless you.


Lord, thank you for the wisdom You give us through Your Word. Help us to keep wise company, Amen.