Formed by Fellowships—Day 2

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Formed by Fellowships—Day 2
Proverbs 13: 20

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

FormedbyFellowship_postThis week’s devotional reminds us to be cautious of keeping company with those with whom unhealthy fellowships are formed.

Although it encourages us to be selective, Proverbs 13: 20 does not embolden an attitude of self-righteousness; it is a reminder and warning that our associations dictate development.

Some theologians believe the overall thought is wisdom benefits people who live wisely and become living examples of wisdom.

R. E. Murphy writes in the Word Biblical Commentary, “A modern analogy would be the school teacher who judges that the home situation of a student must be of such quality as to reinforce education.”[1]

In other words, we learn from those whom we spend our time with.

If we leave well-behaved children in the presence of children who are mischievous for a length of time, as much as we may want to believe the good child would strongly influence the child that is not of good character, the passage indicates the unlikelihood of a desirable outcome.

As a sick calf among healthy calves and soon the entire livestock is threatened. Like a bad apple among a bushel of good apples and soon the whole bushel is going bad.

This devotional passage points out the intentionality that must be given to our associations.

Our associations must not be established because of familiarity, convenience, or pity. Whether on our jobs, at school, or among our social clubs, remember, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Have we become so concerned with others liking us or determined not to leave someone out that we have forgotten that being selective is essential to our spiritual development?

Association forms our character.

Our devotional passage says, “He who walks.”  By using the pronoun “he” the writer is letting us know that any unspecified person is subject to the rule of this proverb.

Oh, how often do we assume we are exempt from consequences of the commands we ignore in God’s Word? Nevertheless, “He” who chooses company wisely is wise, and “He” who chooses company foolishly suffers harm.

Question: Are you selective with the company you keep? Moreover, how do you determine the company you keep?


Lord, as we go through this world help us to trust Your wisdom and the guidance it provides, Amen.




[1] Murphy, R. E. (1998). Proverbs (Vol. 22, p. 98). Dallas: Word, Incorporated.


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