Go Get A Life—Day 2

By on Jan 8, 2019 |

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Go Get A Life—Day 2

Psalms 127


“Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.”


The expression, “Go get a life.” is an idiom or catch phrase that has several uses, however; there are two applications I believe particularly fitting for this week’s devotional. First, whenever someone is spending an inordinate amount of time on something that is hopeless they are encouraged to, ‘Go get a life.’  Second, whenever someone is meddling in the affairs of someone else and getting in the way they are told to, ‘Go get a life.’

In both examples, either the one spending a lot of time on something hopeless, or spending time meddling in someone else’s affairs, precious time, that could be used for something more constructive, is taken away from what really matters. What really matters to you?

Think about how much time and effort we spend fretting over things we have limited to no ability to control?

As we spend this week meditating on this popular passage, Psalms 127, many of us have gotten to the place where work and trusting our efforts has replaced any need for God. We may not say verbally, ‘We have no need for God.’ However, daily we can find ourselves playing God. We trust our efforts, and we trust our ability to sustain our work.

Many of us work hard to acquire various things in lieu of enjoying God and the life he has given us because we are preoccupied–Preoccupied with building our life.

  1. We are building to secure our future.
  2. We spend our life trying to maintain what we have.
  3. We work long hours.
  4. We don’t get proper rest.

The devotional text says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.”

Yes, we can invest a lot in buying property, education, financial investments, etc. in order to secure our future, but how do we stop disaster?  Whether in an upscale neighborhood or a home in the hood, trouble can have the same disastrous effect no matter where we live. Any day we can lose our job, stocks, savings and everything we have could be gone in an instant.

The devotional text makes it clear, we are entirely dependent on God. It is vain to attempt to build and secure our future without considering God and his plans.

The Hebrew word for labor in the passage is, ʿâmal, aw-mal; the general sense is working hard, but not for employment. It is exerting oneself without any compensation. This is why the writer calls it vain, shâvʾ, shawv; worthless, futile having no value.

Question: Can you imagine investing in something that has no value?

Question: What or who is your security?


Lord, as we prepare for our future, help us always to be mindful of where our trust should be—in you, Amen.