Go Get A Life–Day 3

By on Jan 9, 2019 |

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Go Get A Life–Day 3

Psalms 127


“Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, to retire late.”


Some years ago, when my two eldest sons were much smaller they overheard a conversation about someone’s home being burglarized. Going to bed that night, both boys were concerned and wanted to make sure our family did not experience the same fate as others who had suffered a home invasion. Fear had taken control of their little hearts, so after my wife and I had fallen asleep, the two boys decided to rig the house in the event a burglar decided to pay us a visit. Not only did they rig the house with booby traps but both boys stayed awake clinching in their little hands a plastic baseball bat and a wooden toy rifle.

How do I know this?  Well, let’s just say when I was awakened by a dry mouth and when I walked out of my room the boys burst from their room looking to inflict pain on who they estimated was a burglar.

Between laughs I asked them what they intended to do with a plastic bat and wooden gun; the boys’ response was, “We’ve been taking karate for two weeks!”

As we meditate on this devotional passage, how many of us are like my two sons trying to keep watch of something with a plastic bat and a wooden rifle? I can hear some saying, ‘Well, pastor, my bat is not plastic and my rifle is not wooden.’ However, what good is our protection if God does not keep us?

As the psalmist reminded us earlier, our labor is in vain unless it is in keeping with the Lord’s sovereign purpose and will, and watching the city is useless if God doesn’t keep the city.

In Hebrew the word for guard is, shâmar, shaw-mar; the overall meaning of the word is to keep, preserve or cause a condition to remain. What can we preserve without the Lord’s help? How do we keep situations or conditions from turning for the worst if God does not grant us favor?

What good is all of our work and effort, the rising early and the going to bed late because of work? Working hard to maintain what we have? What good is it if we have not taken the time to bring ourselves into alignment with God’s purpose and plans for our lives?

Know this, the Lord’s plans for our lives will prevail, and to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to create a life for ourselves or maintain a life we are pleased with will be in vain if God is not in it.

Question: Are you convinced there is nothing you can do without God?


Lord, it is so natural to trust our efforts but help us to be convinced there is nothing we can do a part from you, Amen.