Go Get A Life—Day 4

By on Jan 10, 2019 |

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Go Get A Life—Day 4

Psalms 127

“For He gives to his beloved even in his sleep.”


I have been blessed to witness the birth of five beautiful children. One of my fondest memories about my children is watching them as infants sleeping on my chest—that was some good sleep. To this day, although too big to sleep on my chest, I am still watching over each of my children while they sleep at night.

Every night when they go to bed, they are not aware of what is going on around them.  As a matter of fact, they just fall asleep without a care in the world. Fall asleep without checking the doors to make sure they are locked. They go to sleep not asking will there be food in the morning, or how will we make it through tomorrow. The children go to sleep. And while they are sleeping, I visit their rooms to make sure they are sleeping well.

Many nights while the children are sleeping, I go to the store to make sure they have what is needed for the morning.  Some nights I hear sounds and bumps that my children are oblivious to. However, those same sounds and bumps cause me to investigate the house making sure all is well. I rise so that my children can continue to experience a good night’s rest. Even at night, I am ready to protect and care for them; and I still receive pleasure peeping in on them while they are sleeping.

Some nights while the children are asleep and I am awake, I think about their future and what I need to do to assist them in accomplishing their goals. I contemplate their lives and where they are lacking and what is needed to assist them in their development. So much is going on while those five children of mine are receiving the proper rest. Rest that will bless their bodies, strengthen their immune systems and refresh their minds.

As I share this personal routine of mine, I marvel at what God does for us while we are sleeping. I once read a quote, “Why are you up all night trying to figure things out? Give it to God, and let him deal with it since he never sleeps.”

The text says, “For He gives to his beloved even in his sleep.” Two things we are blessed to experience. First, we are blessed with necessary rest, rest that rejuvenates us. Rest that comes from being okay with letting God orchestrate our lives. Second, he gives to us while we are sleeping the same things he gives to us while we are awake. Think about it.

Because he never sleeps, we can—and while we are sleeping he is working on our behalf.

Question: Why forfeit a good night’s rest worrying, pacing, and being filled with anxiety when God expects his children to rest?

Remember: When we are sleeping at night and doing nothing for ourselves, God is wide awake doing something for us.


Lord, thank you for always being present and watchful, help us to rest, knowing we can do so, because we are in good hands, Amen.