Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not?—Day 3

By on Mar 7, 2018 |

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Is The Lord Among Us, Or Not?—Day 3
Exodus 17: 1-7

“But the people thirsted there for water; and they grumbled against Moses and said, why, now have you brought us up from Egypt, to kill us and our children and our livestock with thirst?”

 Among_Us_postAs believers, one thing we should always have is hope. Despite what circumstances may look like or even may be, we live with an anticipation of God assisting us in solving our problems.

In spite of the many miraculous blessings Israel experienced with God, it is amazing to see how easy it was for them to grumble, complain and speak with defeatist language.

“Why would God bring us here to die” is what the people said. The writer of the text says, the people were brought to a place without drinkable water.

Like so many of us, when they could not see the solution they began to doubt if it could be done.

To the people the question is, ‘Where will God find water for us, and how can he satisfy the needs of so many people?’

Herein lies the problem, too often we attempt to figure things out for God, when we are not God. Without God empowering and guiding us, we have no insight to inform, no practical tactic to help produce and we have no power to orchestrate the miraculous.

Wow! How much better would life be for us if we would accept this truth—only God can make bitter water sweet—only God can cause food to fall from the sky—only God can create water in a place where there is no water?

Question: How do we find solutions to problems that require God when we are not God?

It was never up to the children of Israel to find their own water; it was up to them to trust God’s leadership.

As I meditated on this passage, I found myself humming, “Where He leads me I will follow, I’ll go with Him all the way.”

The song is beautiful but are the words true of us? Perhaps we have become accustomed to speaking what we would like to be true in our hearts.

What we would like to be true in our hearts and what is actually true in our hearts impacts our lives in entirely different ways.

One way will leave us grumbling, complaining and questioning if God is with us. Meanwhile, the other way will keep us encouraged in spite of where we have to set up camp.

When we are convinced the Lord is among us, we can set up camp anywhere and be satisfied with whatever God is going to do to provide. This is because our hope is not determined by what we see, but our hope is in Him.


Lord, forgive us for doubting Your abilities, we are convinced Your able to do all things despite how our circumstances may look, Amen.