Let’s Take a Family Photo—Day 3

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Let’s Take a Family Photo—Day 3
Ephesians 5: 1, 2

let's-take-a-family-portraitIt’s intriguing to look at children and see how much they bare the likeness of their parents. A child does not come into the world saying, ‘I want to look like either my father or mother.’ Who that child will look like has already been determined by his or her genetic make-up which existed before the child was born.

When we came to Christ, our likeness was already decided. We would look and act like our Father.

I know many of us are familiar with the expression “Hurt people hurt people.” It is hard to imitate God if we are hurting, damaged goods. If we are not careful, our inner turmoil will impact our ability to mimic our father. I am not saying we don’t get hurt and sometimes it can take a toll on us. Nevertheless, we don’t forget we are his beloved children who don’t stop looking like our father during difficult times.

I recently attended the funeral of a friend’s father, during the service my friend approached the podium to speak and the entire sanctuary erupted in laughter, me included. At a time of grieving, pain, and loss when my friend stood up he brought joy in the midst of a grieving moment. Why? The crowd realized how much he looked like his father. It was a difficult time, but my friend didn’t stop looking like his father even during a difficult time.

Therefore, we are encouraged to mimic him as, “Beloved children.” In Greek the word is, agapētŏs, ag-ap-ay-tos, the overall meaning is, one who is loved and cherished and even preferred above all others and treated with partiality. Being loved by God actually puts us in an excellent place.

So many of us have suffered numerous things growing up and some of us have issues with abuse, anger, abandonment. The list could go on and on. But there is something about knowing the Lord loves us, has adopted us into his family as his own dearly beloved children that quiets so many of those issues that have plagued and pained us.

The Lord expects us to live our lives, not as the sum of what we have been through, but as those who have experienced his love. As children of God we have been loved and that love has transforming power.

Because he loved us and loves us, we can mimic our father and display the family resemblance by loving others with that same measure of love.
Question: What measure of love are others experiencing from you?

Question: Are others experiencing the benefits of God’s love having transformed your life?

Lord, thank you for loving us and helping us to live as your children who are loved well by their father, Amen.

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