Low Enough To Wash Feet—Day 4

By on Sep 18, 2020 |

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Low Enough To Wash Feet—Day 4
John 13: 14, 15

“If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.”


“Wash My Feet, Lord”© by Christian Artist, Tom White, www.tomwhitestudio.com

Nothing was more menial than the washing of the feet. Jesus wanted the disciples to be prepared to perform the lowliest service for one another.

The mark of a good leader is one who is willing to do what they are requesting others do. Jesus washes the disciple’s feet, and he desired that the disciples have a heart that was ready to serve each other. If they could perform such a lowly task, how great would their service be toward one another? No act of service would be beneath them.

Question: Is there anything the Lord requires of us that we believe is beneath us?

One of the ways pride is lived out within our society is in refusing to take the lower position. Jesus had just shattered a societal belief and performed an inconceivable act—he washed the disciples’ feet—now there is no reason his followers should refuse to do the same.

Jesus says the disciples should be “willing to wash” each other’s feet because he set before them an example.

In Greek the word, for example, is hupŏdĕigma, hoop-od´-igue-mah; the thought is a model, or pattern to be followed, an exhibit for imitation.

Washing each other’s feet was not a suggestion or a beautiful act of service to consider, Christ expected those who called him Lord and Teacher to follow the pattern he laid before them.

My daughter is soon to become an excellent seamstress. I watch her making clothing and other items. I am fascinated with how she is developing her skill, especially to be as young as she is. One day, as I watched her making something, it hit me –if she follows the pattern, everything should be all right.

Think about that, if we are willing to follow the pattern Christ left for us, it will not be as difficult to carry out his command.  We often make things more strenuous when we chose to follow our will. However, to follow a pattern that is established makes it much easier to walk in obedience.  We will look more like Christ, our Lord and Teacher, when we follow his pattern.


Look, thank you for setting the example for us to follow, help us to walk in obedience to what you expect of us, Amen.