Okay with Waiting—Day 4

By on May 21, 2020 |

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Okay with Waiting—Day 4
Proverbs 25: 15

“By forbearance a ruler may be persuaded, And a soft tongue breaks the bones.”

okay_with_waiting_postI am always in awe of God and the lessons He has taught me. I enjoy learning from Him and His Word. As we have spent time meditating on this devotional passage, it became starkly apparent to me that patience has a sound.

Often, we can tell how someone feels because of how they express themselves; especially when they oppose something or someone. It’s hard for most of us not to show externally what we feel internal.

It is easier for people to lash out when addressing something they don’t like. However, it takes a considerable amount of self-restraint to control what we say, especially when confronting something we don’t like.

This week’s devotional has reminded us that we have a voice even among those who may be hard of hearing due to their unwillingness to budge from their ideas.

I asked the question earlier this week, how does one break bones without applying pressure?

The writer of the proverb says we persuade and break down the deepest and most hardened resistance by our speech. The author combines two words to convey the overall sense of how it is done—a soft tongue.

A soft tongue is gentle speech. It is speech that soothes and comforts the listener’s heart while easing the listener’s mind.

I recall early on in my marriage, my wife and I would clash a lot. I am not afraid to lead. She is not afraid to tell me what she thinks. Does that sound familiar? We consistently experienced problems. I didn’t listen to her. And she, most of the time in a strong way, wouldn’t stop telling me what she thought I was supposed to do.

Eventually, by the grace of God we came upon this biblical precept. I would like to say that I was mature enough to listen and humble enough to see my faults—wrong.  My wife became patient with me, and that patience played out in how she spoke to me and how she handled me. I found myself breaking and didn’t know why. However, today it is clear her speech was persuasive and shattered some strong views I held. We learned the art of being dependent on each other. Her patience gave her a voice.

Most of the time, those who we are trying to persuade don’t see a need to listen. Let us be careful not to become discouraged or misbehave. All of us have faults. As believers, God provides us the wisdom to know how to deal, not only with our faults, but with other people’s faults, as well.

Question: Have you learned how to speak to others?


Lord, thank you for the wisdom to know how to handle those that are not easily persuaded, Amen.