Okay with Waiting—Day 5

By on May 22, 2020 |

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Okay with Waiting—Day 5
Proverbs 25: 15

“By forbearance a ruler may be persuaded, And a soft tongue breaks the bones.”


As we conclude this week’s devotional series, let us remember the key to being influential with people in powerful positions is by being patient.

Patience is a virtue that so many believers run away from, mainly because of our innate tendency to want things immediately.

How can we walk with God being impatient?  How do we walk with God wanting what we want when we want it?  God doesn’t move according to our set time.  This week’s devotional series reminds us that it is okay to wait on God. Lack of visible activity does not mean there is no activity with God.

It is imperative to remember that we are always under the watchful eyes of our Lord. He sees what we are going through, and because God is always at work, we should be okay with waiting on Him.

Think about that for a moment, we are not waiting for someone who has failed us or let us down, we are waiting on God.

Question: Why do we have a hard time waiting on God?

Patience is not something we can fake. We are patient or we are not. Patience doesn’t come just because we wish we had it. Patience is not something we study and then it becomes a reality in our lives. Patience is something we experience as we surrender ourselves to the Spirit.

If we are okay with waiting on God we will find ourselves growing in our patience.

Question: Do you trust God to show up?


Lord, thank you for Your Spirit that dwells within us, help us to yield and experience Your sweet fruit of patience in our lives, Amen.