Okay with Waiting

By on May 18, 2020 |

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Okay with Waiting
Proverbs 25: 15

“By forbearance a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue breaks the bone.”

okay_with_waiting_postAs we go through life, often we must deal with either people or situations that are not easily moved. When dealing with stubborn things, if we are not careful, we become overwhelmed and fail to behave properly.

When others don’t respond the way we want them to, we become frustrated, agitated, and perhaps angry. It seems the more powerful a person is, the more urgently we feel the need to influence them or the situation.

How do we change the hearts, minds, or course of those who have higher status than we do?

How do we behave when we have little influence? How do we react when the thing we are attempting to change has great authority? Do we trust God and biblical precepts, or do we accept the situation as unchangeable and live with bitterness?

This week’s devotional presents a proverb that shows how seemingly lesser properties are efficient and effective when confronting someone with more dominant qualities that may be stubborn, or not easily swayed.

This particular proverb emphasizes our ability to make a difference in spite of our lack of social rank.

Many things will not be changed nor accomplished through force; some things require us to be patient and wait it out.

Question: How good are you at waiting?  Do you feel you have to force or manipulate things to your favor?


Lord, help us to accept there is a time for everything, including waiting for change to come; help us to grow in our patience, Amen.