Run the Race to Win—Day 2

By on Nov 11, 2020 |

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Run the Race to Win—Day 2
Philippians 3: 12-14

“But I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.”
Paul was convinced of two things: He had not fully attained to the purpose for which Christ laid hold of him and he was not complete.

Let us be candid with ourselves and ask ourselves pointed questions. Have we begun to walk out the very purpose for which Christ saved us? Are we today who we were on yesterday? Are we allowing our life to be dictated by the same sins that had us bound last year?

As we meditate over this devotional text, one thing is apparent to me—we did not choose Christ, but Christ chose us.

Think about that for a moment, Christ chose us. We didn’t make-up in our minds on our own to follow him. Before the very foundation of the world, each and every one of us was a thought in the mind of our Creator.

Because the Lord has laid hold of us, it is possible for us to be all we are to be. Despite our inadequacies, we can compete to win because Christ chose us. He didn’t choose us so that we would continue to make excuses for why we have not made any significant advances in our Christian walk.

Therefore, Paul says, “I press.” In Greek the word press is, diōkō, dee-o´-ko which gives the overall thought of pursuing something with intent to catch it.  Paul was intent on pursuing the purpose for which Christ intervened in his life and intercepted him on the road to Damascus.

Question: Why did the Lord intercept our lives?

Question: Did the Lord intercept our life so that we would continue to live as if he doesn’t matter?

In this passage, Paul uses the metaphor of one running a race. Who runs a race not trying to win?

The devotional passage says, “That I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.”  In Greek, the thought is, to acquire something through one’s efforts.

Ever since Christ took hold of Paul, Paul has been striving to take hold of Christ. To take hold of Christ requires us putting in some work; work that leads to an intellectual and moral transformation.  It is a change that impacts what we know and who we are. We know Christ to be more valuable than anything else so we live like he is.

How often do we wait for God to change us, although that transformation includes our willingness to be obedient and pursue Him with our strength?

I once read somewhere something that said, ‘It is the Lord’s grace that let us in the race, but we have to run the race.’


Lord, thank you for taking hold of us and giving us the privilege of being in the race, now we choose to run the race well, Amen.