Run the Race to Win—Day 4

By on Nov 13, 2020 |

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Run the Race to Win—Day 4
Philippians 3: 12-14

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”


I once read something that said, ‘We must begin with the end in mind.’ The thought behind this concept is if we give attention to where we are going and align everything else with where we are going then we are more likely to reach our goal.

In our devotional passage, Paul has not finished the race. However, he lived with the final result in view—to win the prize.

This biblical text is one many of us have heard numerous times. It captures the attitude of one running the race to win. This is about the indomitable grit of a runner who runs to win. He runs concentrating on the goal.

Paul is living his life preoccupied with pursuing the goal.

Think about that, preoccupied with hitting the target for God’s glory.

Earlier in the week, we meditated on Paul’s use of the word press. The term indicates Paul’s desire to seek Christ until he lays hold of that for which he was laid hold of by Christ.  Now the writer says, “I press on toward the goal.” The double emphasis on ‘I press’ conveys the urgency or determination which Paul demonstrated to hit the target.  In Greek the word for goal is, skŏpŏs, skop-os; as you would expect, it is understood as aiming at a target intent on hitting it.

Question: What are you aiming for on this Christian journey?

It is easy to run aimlessly through life. What do we accomplish when there is no goal in mind? Paul encourages us not to be lazy in our pursuit of Christ but follow hard with all eagerness.

We, like Paul, must run and not deviate nor be easily distracted from the goal.

Question: What will it do for the body of Christ if believers live focusing on the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus?



Lord, thank you for the opportunity to run in the race. As we run, we choose to run with the target in mind determined to hit it, Amen.