Run the Race to Win—Day 5

By on Nov 14, 2020 |

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Run the Race to Win—Day 5
Philippians 3: 12-14 


As we conclude this week’s devotional series, we see how Paul’s goal is to win the prize, not by coming in first place, but by finishing the race.

As believers, we often experience much opposition that comes to hinder or discourage us in order to get us to forfeit the race. However, Paul ran with a determination that said, ‘I will finish this race and finish it well despite whatever comes my way.’

A unique thing about this race is it does not matter what “place” we come in. All of us can win the ultimate prize. All of us can obtain the purpose for which Christ chose us.

How about that? We run the race, and we win by finishing the race.

It would seem that is why Paul does not appear to be concerned with competition. His biggest concern is living with an unconquerable conviction to overcome any personal or outside struggles.

Although others can win the prize, it does not diminish the runners or the prize. Normally, the more exclusive something is, the more value it has. That is not the case for us. As believers, all of us have an opportunity to strive, hit the target and win the prize.

Paul does not run with less passion and determination although others can be winners as well.

How hard do we work when there are no distinguishable differences among those who finish the race?

Remember we do not pursue Christ to be better than our brother; we pursue Christ with everything we have because we desire to be all he desires us to be.

All of us must give an account to God for how well we live our lives fulfilling his purpose in our lives. If we run with determination, exerting ourselves we, too, like Paul, will cross the finish line.


Lord, thank you for being our prize, Amen.