Run the Race to Win

By on Nov 10, 2020 |

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Run the Race to Win
Philippians 3: 12-14

“Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect.”


How often do we take up a task fully aware of our inadequacies? None of us are fully efficient in all things. Nevertheless, despite our lack, most of us persist in our endeavors striving to excel.

Not everyone perseveres in competing well in spite of their inadequacies. For many it is just the opposite. Awareness of our imperfections is often wedded to excuses and poor performance with little determination to win.

As we begin this week’s devotional series, Paul has just shared with the Philippian church that he has accomplished a lot of things in his life. Yet, he begins verse 12 with a dual not already: “not already obtained” nor “already perfect.” Paul emphasizes in verse 12 that, although he has been fortunate to have many attainments, two things are for certain: One, he gives it all away to know Christ. Second, he has not yet arrived, for he is still running the race to win.

It is interesting to see how Paul, who had accomplished so much, felt he had not fully arrived. How often do we feel as if we have accomplished enough? If anyone could have said ‘I have a proven track record’ it could have been Paul.

How much attention do we give to our spiritual growth? Is it something we are intentional about chasing? Or, do we go about our daily lives with little thought about striving to be all that God is calling us to be?

Is there anything more nonsensical for a runner than being in a race but not competing to win? As believers, we are all in a race and the Lord expects us to run with a passion that pursues the ultimate prize.

Question: What kind of attitude are you running with? Does your attitude echo a determination to be all God has called you to be at any cost?


Lord, help us to live with a conviction to finish our race well for your glory, Amen.