The Grasshopper Mentality—Day 2

By on Jan 22, 2019 |

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The Grasshopper Mentality—Day 2
Numbers 13: 25-33


The journey for the spies took forty days. On foot, they traveled from the wilderness of Zin up north and then back to Kadesh-Barnea. Kadesh means “sanctuary.” The very place where Israel was camping out was considered an oasis.

This mission the spies were on was to be a reconnaissance mission, and the information gathered was to be used in their favor. They were to bring back a report on the nature of the land and its inhabitants. The spies were to also bring back a sample of the fruit that was indigenous to that area. The fruit included pomegranates and figs along with a massive cluster of grapes.

The information received said the land was all it was supposed to be—good land flowing with milk and honey.

God promised Israel the land, so, this fact gathering mission was not to determine if it was possible to defeat the inhabitants who occupied the land.

However, it was only wise for the spies to participate in gathering good intelligence so that the best strategy could be put forth.

Yet, sometimes too much information can be paralyzing.

Question: How often do we talk ourselves out of something God has for us because of the information we have received?

The mission worked against the Israelites because they forgot what the mission was all about. Their mission was to gather information and not calculate the likelihood of being successful in conquering the land. God had already determined that for them.

Question: How often do we confuse our mission with God’s promise?

That may seem like a fine line; nevertheless, it is a line we must be well aware of. We have a mission and God has a promise, but we must never allow our mission to cause us to doubt what the Lord has said.

Our mission and his promises go hand in hand.

Whenever we look at anything leaving God out of the equation, it is hard to see things accurately. The spies did not see accurately because instead of believing what God promised, they saw why they could not conquer the promise land: There were giants in the land.


Lord, as we go about our mission, help us not to become discouraged and doubt you, Amen.