The Grasshopper Mentality—Day 4

By on Jan 24, 2019 |

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The Grasshopper Mentality—Day 4
Numbers 13: 25-33

“Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will surely overcome it.”


Our focus for attention today is centered around Caleb encouraging the people to go up and conquer the land.

While Caleb is encouraging the people, ten of the twelve spies are reiterating to the crowd that those living in the land are too strong. Not only are the spies discouraging the people with a fear of the giants, but the spies are not giving an accurate report of the land.

God is preparing to bless the people and the spies are not speaking truthfully regarding the land.

But isn’t that what we have to do whenever we reject what God has for us? We tell ourselves that the fruit is not as good as we may think.

Think about that, to deny ourselves of the blessings God has for us, we literally have to lie to or deceive ourselves.

What is the real problem when we deceive ourselves so that we will miss what God has for us? In our devotional passage, it was fear.

What are we afraid of? What causes us to deceive ourselves to keep God’s blessing out of our hands?

So, as Caleb tries to quiet the people from their murmuring, the spies keep the people stirred up.

Is not that just like life? Whenever we are being encouraged to go forward, simultaneously there is a voice discouraging us to stay put.

Nevertheless, Caleb challenged the people to take possession of the land.  In Hebrew the statement “take possession of it,” means to obtain something by legal right.

The land which the giants were occupying legally belongs to the Children of Israel and they were ready to forfeit their legal right to it because of fear.

Whatever God has for us is legally ours.

Question: When was the last time we gave up something that was legally ours because we were afraid?

Whenever something is legally ours, we want it and we are not so easily willing to give it up.

Question: How do you keep yourself encouraged in the face of challenges?

Caleb was convinced they could overcome any obstacle, not because they were strong enough, but because God promised them the land.

What are you relying on to see God’s promise become a reality in your life, your strength or his word?


Lord, though we are constantly bombarded with doubt and discouragement, we choose to take you at your word, Amen.